About the Texas Cast Metals Association

The Texas Cast Metals Association (TCMA) membership is currently comprised of foundries throughout the state, engineering firms, environmental consultants, scrap metal dealers, and energy consultants. However, the association is diversifying to include other metal industry members such as die casters, steel mills, and other foundries, as well as other peripheral businesses who share a common goal in promoting the needs of the metals industry.

The TCMA was formed in 1992 to promote the metal casting industry and educate legislators at both state and federal levels, while promoting legislation concerning such issues as clean air, storm water, and safety in the work place.

Some of the achievements of the association include:

Forging an alliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to recognize the important contributions of metal casting to the Texas and U.S. economies.

Working with TxDOT for the beneficial reuse of foundry sands.

TCMA members now serve on local TCEQ Committees to review regulations.

TCMA member has been appointed to serve on a state level committee, CAP.

The TCEQ has awarded their C2 Compliance Certificate to two TCMA members. This certification, renewed annually, exempts the holder from programmed inspections by the TCEQ, local city inspections, and the EPA.

The above accomplishments offer an introduction to the projects currently being driven by the TCMA.

The newly introduced newsletter, “INSIDE TCMA”, will better communicate the activities of the association to member companies. We hope to continue this type of publication to provide a first-hand look at the issues facing the metals industry and how TCMA is addressing these issues through efforts at the State and Federal levels


Only if you want to PROMOTE the metals industry, and EDUCATE those individuals who create the legislation that governs it!

Membership information can be obtained by contacting Clifford Smith at You are urged to join the TCMA and help develop a relationship of mutual benefit to our industry, our legislators, and the people of the great State of Texas!

Our Goals Are Guided By Our Mission Statement

To promote the common interest of the metal casting industry through the development of an effective legislative action program and improve communications with elected officials.

To develop and publicize the position of the metal casting industry regarding specific legislation, regulations, and any other governmental activities affecting the metal casting industry.

To undertake such other activities as will benefit the common interest of the metal casting industry.