History the Texas Cast Metals Association

The A group of Foundrymen met at the DFW Hilton Hotel on November 6, 1992, to organize the Texas Cast Metals Association. Officers were elected and an executive director hired.

Work began establishing a nonprofit corporation for the purpose of promoting the common interests of the Texas Metal Casting Industry. Articles of incorporation, bylaws and other administrative details were accomplished, and by January 1, 1993, the Texas Cast Metals Association, Inc. was in operation.
The association has now changed the way regulatory agencies in the state of Texas think about the metal casting industry. The organization continues to work diligently to effect legislative action and improve communications with elected officials in Austin and Washington, D.C.

The Texas Cast Metals Association is eager to serve its members and preserve our Industry in Texas. It is very important that we keep this association active for the foundry industry. The officers and directors invite your foundry and any supplier of the foundry industry to join this organization.

Our Goals Are Guided By Our Mission Statement

To promote the common interest of the metal casting industry through the development of an effective legislative action program and improve communications with elected officials.

To develop and publicize the position of the metal casting industry regarding specific legislation, regulations, and any other governmental activities affecting the metal casting industry.

To undertake such other activities as will benefit the common interest of the metal casting industry.

Membership information can be obtained by contacting Clifford Smith at You are urged to join the TCMA and help develop a relationship of mutual benefit to our industry, our legislators, and the people of the great State of Texas!