Is the TCMA a Good Investment for your Company?
Only if you want to PROMOTE the metals industry, and EDUCATE those individuals who create the legislation that governs it!
Achievements of the TCMA include:
Forging an alliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to recognize the important contributions of metal casting to the Texas and U.S. economies.
Working with TxDOT for the beneficial reuse of foundry sands.
TCMA members now serve on local TCEQ Committees to review regulations.
TCMA member has been appointed to serve on a state level committee, CAP.
The TCEQ has awarded their C2 Compliance Certificate to two TCMA members. This certification, renewed annually, exempts the holder from programmed inspections by the TCEQ, local city inspections, and the EPA.
Membership information can be obtained by contacting Clifford Smith at (817) 485-4769 or You are urged to join the TCMA and help develop a relationship of mutual benefit to our industry, our legislators, and the people of the great State of Texas!
If you wish to join the TCMA now, please fill out the TCMA membership application below and send it to Clifford Smith at